Bouquet Preservations and Pressed Flowers

Turn your bridal bouquet, memorial arrangement or event flowers into an heirloom, by letting us press, arrange and frame them for you. All of our full size frames are dried and arranged by us and then professionally framed by a local, woman-owned frame shop. The frames are exceptionally high quality and include conservation glass, which protects your flowers from damage from UV rays. The process of pressing, arranging and framing your flowers takes between 8-10 weeks from the date we receive your flowers.

We ask that you pre-book your wedding preservation at least one week before the event date so we can ensure we have the time blocked to preserve your bouquet. If your event is less than 7 days away or has already passed, we may still be able to help but there will be a $75 convenience fee. We can typically waive this fee for bereavement flowers.

Framing Options: Select from 5 different finishes for your frame (see the attached photo for options). You can choose to have a floating frame (two panels of glass with no matboard), or to have your flowers mounted on black or white mat board. For the 18x24 size frame, our framing expert friends recommend using matting, because glass of that size is extra fragile. Please note: the gold frame we offer has gold on the front and white/ivory on the sides. You can see pictures of the gold frame in the individual image below.

How to get the flowers to us: Immediately after your event, you will ship or deliver your flowers to our studio in Memphis, TN and we will get to work on pressing your flowers. The sooner the pressing process begins, the better the color and end result, so we don't waste any time pressing your flowers upon arrival. It is also a good idea to keep your flowers refrigerated and in water until you are able to drop or mail them off to us.

If you are shipping your flowers to us, we highly recommend that you use expedited shipping. When packaging your flowers, you should wrap the ends of the stems in damp paper towels or damp fabric, and then place a plastic bag around that. Use a rubber band to secure the plastic in place. You can use bubble wrap or packing paper around the stems of flowers to prevent the bouquet from moving around in the box during shipping. Our shipping address is 2294 Young Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104 if you need to estimate shipping costs.


11x14 in black, white or grey wood: $300
11x14 in gold: $350
11x14 in natural wood: $375

16x20 in black, white or grey wood: $375
16x20 in gold: $425
16x20 in natural wood: $450

18x24 in black, white or grey wood: $450
18x24 in gold: $500
18x24 in natural wood: $525
If you are interested in smaller frames (for boutonnieres, corsages, mother's gifts, etc) we offer an assortment of gold geometric hanging frames (like the ones in the picture) for $50 a piece. These do not have the conservation glass in them and we only offer the smaller frames in conjunction with an 11x14 frame or larger.
The entire process of pressing, arranging and framing typically takes 8-10 weeks, depending on how quickly the flowers dry and the frame shop's processing time.
50% of the total is due at the time of booking and the remaining balance is due when the frame goes to the frame shop.
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