Bouquet Subscriptions

2023 Bouquet Subscriptions Will Go on Sale on November 25th.

We offer several different bouquet subscriptions, so you can get your fill of locally grown, specialty cut flowers this season!

Why sign up for a subscription? Each week, we fill our subscription orders first, which means that you'll get the best of what is blooming that week! After we've filled our subscriptions, we may have enough of a harvest in a given week to offer one-off bouquets or we might not. Signing up for a subscription GUARANTEES you'll get your bouquet. Our subscriber bouquets are large sized bouquets, jam packed with specialty varieties of Memphis grown flowers. The subscription rates are discounted from what you would pay for a comparable bouquet at our farmer's market stand. Also, becoming a subscriber helps to sustain the farm longterm, because it allows us to invest in seeds and supplies early in the season. Subscriptions are truly a form of consumer supported agriculture and you can feel good knowing you are helping keep Memphis green.

Option 1: Bouquet of the Month Club

This subscription is for those who want to sample a little bit of everything that the farm has to offer. You'll receive a large bouquet of farm fresh flowers once per month from April through October. That is 7 bouquets! Bouquets can be picked up at Urban Earth during normal business hours on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Choose to receive your bouquet on either the 1st or 3rd week of each month. Each week is different and reflects what is blooming in that season. (7 bouquets total, $200)

Option 2: "Pick Your Week" Three Bouquet Subscription

This subscription allows you to choose which weeks you want to receive your bouquets. Each week, I will send out pictures of what is blooming and you can either choose to skip the week or opt in to picking up a bouquet. There are three different time periods for this subscription, and you must use up your three bouquets within that given time slot. If you skip all the weeks early in the time block, we will just automatically sign you up for bouquets the last three weeks of the block. 

At check out, you can choose which of these time slots you prefer:

  • First Bloom: This is for our spring flower lovers! The subscription starts whenever the first blooms arrive (think late March and lasts until June 1st. Tulips, Daffodils, Ranunculus, Peonies, flowering bushes, etc.
  • Summer Solstice: If you love peak summer color, this one is for you! The subscription starts June 1st and runs until July 31st. Think zinnias, cosmos, dahlias, lilies, gladiolus and much, much more!
  • Fall Blooms: The blessing of living in Tennessee is that our flower season runs all the way until October. Fall flowers are vastly underrated. Think moody reds, peaches and creams. We'll have dahlias, zinnias, white sunflowers, heirloom mums, giant marigolds and so much more! This subscription runs from August 1st until frost (expected end of October).

(3 bouquets total, $90)

Option 3: Full Season Subscription

If you want to commit to supporting the farm and getting fresh, local flowers all year long, this is the subscription for you. It is also the best deal! You get 14 bouquet credits that you can use any time from first bloom until frost. You will receive a weekly email detailing what is blooming on the farm that week and then you can opt in or out to picking up a bouquet that week. Our season runs from mid-April through the end of October, so you'll have plenty of time to use those credits. 

(14 bouquets total, $380)

Option 4: Tulip Mania

We really love tulips around here. Last year we grew 1200 tulips, and decided that wasn't nearly enough. In 2023 we are growing nearly 4,000 tulips, and we still aren't sure we've ordered enough to satisfy us. This subscription starts when the tulips start blooming (approximately the end of March) and lasts for 4 straight weeks. Each week, you'll get a bunch of tulips. You'll get to see how the different varieties open throughout the season, and enjoy the different shapes, sizes and colors that we've ordered this year. 

(4 bouquets total, $100)

Note on Pick Up: Pick up is either at the Cooper Young Farmer's Market or Urban Earth each weekend. At this time, we are not offering delivery or shipping of bouquets, but hope to expand in the future. If you can't pick up your bouquet personally, you can have a friend pick up your bouquet or contact us ahead of time to swap weeks.