Cutting Garden Consultations

Grow Your Own Bouquet!

butterfly on zinnias

Do you dream of opening your backdoor and walking out into your own cutting garden, filled with flowers and thriving pollinators? Not sure where to start? Does the thought of planning your garden make you feel overwhelmed? Let me help! 

I make house calls! I will visit your home to meet with you and view the available space.

During the Consultation

During my visit (which will take roughly 1 hour), I will:

  • Do a site assessment and soil pH testing
  • Take note of existing plants, shrubs, trees and hardscape
  • Do a lifestyle assessment to understand your gardening goals and needs
  • Look for evidence of diseases, pests or other garden issues
  • Take measurements of the space
  • Discuss how you use your outdoor space and how involved you want to be in maintaining it

After the Consultation

After the consultation, you will receive written recommendations including a plant list tailored to your yard and a preliminary plan for transforming your space into the cutting garden of your dreams. Your plant list will ensure that you have flowers that produce balanced bouquets throughout the growing season. Additionally, you can request a map that lays out exactly where certain flowers should be planted, to maximize the space and ensure an aesthetically pleasing garden.

We are now offering virtual consultations!

If you select the virtual option, we will meet via zoom. I'll ask you questions about your wishes for the space and ask you to walk me through the garden virtually. You will send photos of the existing garden and measurements of the beds. After the fact, I will share recommendations for how best to create a cutting garden in the space, including recommendations for how to prepare the soil and specific plants you might wish to add. If you select to add on a garden map, I will lay out exactly where each flower should be planted, to maximize the space and ensure an aesthetically pleasing garden. 

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I've been gardening for well over a decade, with an emphasis on cut flowers. I'm the Gardener in Chief at Midtown Bramble and Bloom. I am also a Master Gardener and a licensed nursery owner.